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Rave Reviews At Port Fringe

I'm in the middle of a run of five shows at PortFringe in Portland, Maine. I've already performed two shows and have three more to go.

The first half of my run is being performed at Geno's Rock Club, with the last two shows being held at Fringe Central. In my downtime I've been exploring Portland and taking street photos.

People seem to be enjoying the show here in Maine. See below for a few of the reviews I've received so far!

The ending left me on the verge of happy tears. (I’m welling up just thinking about it!) My mind is still blown.
— Joseph Cagney IV, Port Fringe
Mark Toland clearly created his show with the skeptic in mind - not because it will convince you of the supernatural, but because it’s presented in the spirit of fun and entertainment. It’s full of laugh out loud moments and countless surprises. Mark is brilliant, funny, and energetic with just the right amount of awkward energy to let you know he’s a performance nerd at heart.
— Robbie Carey, PortFringe First Looks
I’ve been instructed not to spoil the show, but suffice to say you might just have your mind blown.
— Anonymous, PortFringe First Looks
Mark Toland is truly, bogglingly, mystifying - on top of that he ingeniously gives the illusion that he’s giving no illusion - just a really nice guy casually doing the absolutely impossible.
— Richard Sewell, Maine Theater Collective

The tour isn't over yet! I still have three shows left at PortFringe, then head to San Diego for five shows at the San Diego International Fringe Festival. Ticket info below!