Mark Toland is Mind Blowing!
— The Chicago Tribune
One of the best mentalism acts in the world. Toland brilliantly combines comedy, magic, and even a splash of philosophy into this must-see performance.
— Theme Park University
There’s only one answer: Mark Toland must be THE DEVIL.
A standout performance of mind over matter.
— Broadway World
Mark Toland will FREAK YOU OUT.
— Good Day Chicago
In these moments of storytelling and introspection, beautifully crafted monologues that would find a home in a Tennessee Williams script, Toland exposes a sincerity and vulnerability that only heightens the sense of wonder his illusions spark.
— Theatre Is Easy
Enthralling and intriguing....Mark Toland is a virtuoso.
— Pittsburgh In The Round
His skills produce gasps, awe, thunderous applause, standing ovations, and head-shaking disbelief. Do not miss your opportunity to see Mark Toland.
— KC Applauds
A jaw-dropping journey into the unknown.
— Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
Mark Toland’s skills as a mentalist bring together fascination, awe and immersion in mystery — with humor and rapid-fire quips and stories. It’s an irresistible wild ride, especially for skeptics.
— Picture This Post
Mark Toland has created a performance that delights and astounds even the most die-hard skeptic, and is well worth seeing.
— The Hawk Chicago
It may be the oddest — and most mysterious — end to a Fringe show I’ve ever seen. Mark Toland’s show just might freak you out.
— Orlando Sentinel
Mark Toland clearly created his show with the skeptic in mind–not because it will convince you of the supernatural, but because it’s presented in the spirit of fun and entertainment. It’s full of laugh out loud moments and countless surprises. Mark is brilliant, funny and energetic - you don’t want to miss it.
— PortFringe First Looks
Toland has a presence and a personality that is engaging and affable. This is a celebration of mystery that deserves to be experienced first hand.
— M-Dash
Mark Toland brings warmth and humanity to a gimmick-less set of mystical tricks that astounds and enchants.
— Fringe Biscuit
Mark Toland is classy, chic, and truly amazing!
— Campus Activities Magazine
Nothing short of mesmerizing. Mark Toland will blow your mind!
— Splash Magazine


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