Out Of My Mind

I’m excited to finally announce my 2018 summer tour dates!

This summer I’m taking my show to Ontario, San Diego, Kansas City, Alberta, and New York City for the “Out Of My Mind” tour.

I’ll be performing shows at the following festivals:
London Fringe
San Diego International Fringe Festival
Kansas City Fringe
Edmonton Fringe Festival
United Solo

You can buy tickets to my shows at each of the above links. For the specific dates and times at each festival, check out the tour page!

Clearly, this summer is shaping up to be busier than ever. One of the best parts about doing fringe festivals is taking risks and pushing yourself to improve your work. So over the past four months I wrote a new show and set some new goals for myself. And now, it’s time to set the plan into action and hit the road.

Don’t worry, though! I’ll still be making trips back to Chicago for MIND READER every Wednesday at 8pm at The Greenhouse Theater Center in Lincoln Park. (Shameless, I know.)

But if you aren’t in Chicago I’d love to see you on tour! To stay up to date on my travels follow me on Instagram or subscribe on YouTube for a behind-the-scenes look at where I’m performing and the process of taking a new show from the page to the stage.

The new show is all about positivity, connections, and hope. I can't wait to get it out of my mind and into yours.

That’s it for this week’s Thursday Thoughts. See you on tour!

Rave Reviews At Chicago Fringe

I’m in the middle of a run of seven shows at the Chicago Fringe Festival and have already received some rave reviews. So far, I’ve had packed houses and attentive fringe-goers. 

You can catch my remaining two performances next weekend. The shows are Saturday, September 9th at 8:30 pm and Sunday, September 10th at 4 pm.

I’m still waiting on some reviews to come out but for now here are a few of the quotes I’ve received so far:

Mark Toland’s skills as a mentalist bring together fascination, awe and immersion in mystery — with humor and rapid-fire quips and stories. It’s an irresistible wild ride, especially for skeptics.
— Picture This Post
At the very end of the show, one audience member has her “mind read” in a very detailed manner. Her response was “Holy Shit!”. And that sums it up perfectly.
— Playlist HQ
How does he do it? That’s the mystery. You will have to see the show for yourself to decide.
— DADaPalooza
Toland blends psychic feats with accomplished storytelling.
— TimeOut Chicago

Here are some great shots of the fringe shows courtesy of Sarah Elizabeth Larson Photography.

My show was also listed as a "Best Bet" for the festival by TimeOut Chicago and one of the "Best Plays In Chicago" right now by Picture This Post. Two more chances to see the show! Tickets still available here:

Rave Reviews At Port Fringe

I'm in the middle of a run of five shows at PortFringe in Portland, Maine. I've already performed two shows and have three more to go.

The first half of my run is being performed at Geno's Rock Club, with the last two shows being held at Fringe Central. In my downtime I've been exploring Portland and taking street photos.

People seem to be enjoying the show here in Maine. See below for a few of the reviews I've received so far!

The ending left me on the verge of happy tears. (I’m welling up just thinking about it!) My mind is still blown.
— Joseph Cagney IV, Port Fringe
Mark Toland clearly created his show with the skeptic in mind - not because it will convince you of the supernatural, but because it’s presented in the spirit of fun and entertainment. It’s full of laugh out loud moments and countless surprises. Mark is brilliant, funny, and energetic with just the right amount of awkward energy to let you know he’s a performance nerd at heart.
— Robbie Carey, PortFringe First Looks
I’ve been instructed not to spoil the show, but suffice to say you might just have your mind blown.
— Anonymous, PortFringe First Looks
Mark Toland is truly, bogglingly, mystifying - on top of that he ingeniously gives the illusion that he’s giving no illusion - just a really nice guy casually doing the absolutely impossible.
— Richard Sewell, Maine Theater Collective

The tour isn't over yet! I still have three shows left at PortFringe, then head to San Diego for five shows at the San Diego International Fringe Festival. Ticket info below!