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Details Matter

I love packaging.

When I was younger I would take boxes apart just so I could see how they were made. I’ve always been fascinated by packaging that is perfectly suited to the product inside it.

Now, I collect boxes. A good box is a kind of functional origami, with perfectly designed compartments for the main contents, instructional manual, and spare parts.

When a box is cleverly designed my experience with the product begins before I even open it. My user experience is enriched by smart and creative design.

For example, I just bought some new camera gear and spent the first few minutes in awe at the box design. The box opened like a treasure chest, with my new gear gleaming as I pulled the flaps aside. The handbook was cleverly displayed in the camera mount. The card stock felt expensive and the graphic design for the step-by-step assembly instructions was brilliant. Every piece of the unboxing had me more and more excited for my new gear. That’s the kind of box I love.

Little details matter. The packaging that goes around what you do is just as important as the main event. Possibly even more so.

I never understand when an artist has a poorly designed website or bad promo images. If you specialize in a certain art form then all of your designs should be top-notch. Everything you do contributes to your image as a creative professional.

I get it. You didn’t go to school for graphic design or copy writing. You don’t know the first thing about logos or Photoshop or Lightroom or websites. Video editing is intimidating and photography is hard.

Whatever. Those are just excuses for having subpar packaging.

If you’re not good at something then hire someone to do it for you. Can’t afford someone? Then teach yourself.

If you want to be taken seriously as an artist, details matter.

If you want to be more than just a hobbyist, details matter.

If you want your audience to connect with you on a visceral level, details matter.

When something is packaged well, you can tell the difference. People may not always notice the details, but they can feel it.

Speaking of details…I finally have some. I’ve been invited to the Orlando Fringe Winter Mini Fest. I’ll be performing “MIND READER” twice (January 12 at 1:45pm and January 13 at 5:15pm). Hope to see you at one of the shows!

Make It Better

You know how sometimes you read a comment online that really drives you insane?

There are two options when that happens. Either stop reading the comments or write a blog post. So, here we are…

In response to a call for political action an anonymous person commented that they had “better things to do”.

Fine. I get that marches and protests may not be for everyone. There are plenty of other ways to take action. But it was their reasoning that really bugged  me.

They wrote: “The world was messed up before we got here and it’ll be messed up when we’re gone.”


If nothing truly matters then why do anything at all? Why create? Why work? Why help others? Why fight for equality? Why pursue your passion?

The world can seem cruel sometimes - especially lately - but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t try to use our individual strengths to make it better. Even if we only turn the dial a couple clicks we’ll still be making a difference.

Sometimes I struggle with the purpose of my career. It can seem trivial or absurd to stand onstage and do “mind tricks” for a living. Plus, my discipline isn’t exactly revered by the public like music or theater.

When I start to wonder about the point of it all, I’m reminded that people come to my show for many reasons. They aren’t there to see me - they’re there for a fun night out, a first date, a work event, or something else. Last night, a lady’s family had bought the tickets to celebrate her birthday.

Whatever the occasion, it’s up to me to make it special. When you think about it - that’s a tall order. A roomful of strangers are relying on me to give them a memorable experience. No pressure, right?

So it’s not about my skills as a mind reader, it’s not about showing off or being the star. It’s about making each and every person in your vicinity feel special, no matter what you do. It’s communal. It’s inclusive.

For 46 people last night I gave them a chance to forget about how “messed up” the world is. I gave them laughter and wonder and a chance to escape whatever is affecting them in their everyday lives. For 75 minutes, I made their world just a little bit better.

Last week it was 250 people on the west coast, the week before it was 500 on the east coast. It doesn’t matter. I’m just trying to use what I’m good at to brighten someone else’s day. Making a small difference is better than making no difference at all.

So yeah, the world is messed up, but it doesn’t have to be. Use what you do best to be more inclusive of others and shine light in the darkness around you. And don’t read the comments….it’s not worth it.