take responsibility


The last week was a whirlwind.

My kitchen flooded, my tour promo was delayed, and my workload seemed to exponentially increase with every passing day. Then, in the past 48 hours everything went crazy. I worked nonstop to get things in place for my weekly show and to be packed and ready to head back out on tour first thing this morning.

And so, Thursday Thoughts got put on hold. 

Usually I spend a few hours a week thinking about Thursday Thoughts and another couple hours actually writing it. It sorts of bookends my week so I can explore what I’m thinking and share it with you.

But this week got away from me and I never had the time to write anything - let alone think about it.

I figured I’d write something when I landed in Kansas City today but everything was delayed. Then I had to perform tonight as part of KC Fringe, so I wasn’t able to sit down and focus there either. I had all but resigned myself to the fact that I was going to be forced to miss a week.

But, I don’t want to miss a week. I don’t want to give up on this project. I don’t like to fail at the goals I set for myself.

As I drove back from the festival, exhausted and ready to call it a night, I realized that I’m responsible for this. It’s up to me whether Thursday Thoughts continues for another week or just fades into oblivion. But the truth is, the only person standing between me and my goals is myself.

And so, I’m not making excuses. I’m not blaming my crazy week or hectic travel schedule. I’m writing this now, at 11:47 pm, to make sure I don’t miss a week and don’t give up on my plan.

Some of you might have realized I hadn’t posted this week. Maybe some of you didn’t remember yet. Maybe you missed it, or maybe you wouldn’t even notice if it was gone. 

But I would. I would care immensely because I don’t like to give up on the promises I make to myself.

So, I’ll see you next week. I can’t freaking wait.