chicago theater festival

Chicago Fringe Festival Recap

The Chicago Fringe Festival is over. What an experience!

I performed three shows in four days. My first show was about half-full, but the last two shows had packed houses. I was thrilled to be able to SELL OUT the show, considering I did all of my marketing and promotion myself. It was a huge undertaking but I'm glad I did it.

The festival was fantastic. I watched as many other shows as I could and met dozens of incredible artists from around the world. For once, I felt part of a community in Chicago that was comprised of my favorite people. I was rubbing elbows with writers and actors and magicians and improvisers and theatergoers. I couldn't get enough.

My goal has never been to be a salesman. I dread cold-calling and despise having to constantly sell myself. (I still do it because it's better than waiting tables, but that doesn't mean I can't also abhor it.) The goal has always been ART.

The Chicago Fringe Festival finally gave me an outlet to do a version of the show I've had in mind for a while. It wasn't fully formed or completely there yet, but I was happy with what I did. I'm already writing my new show for next year.

As always, I put together a video of the festival so people who weren't able to attend could get a feel for it. I hope you enjoy it!