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Exciting News

I’m thrilled to announce that starting on May 2nd I will be performing my show “MIND READER” every Wednesday at The Greenhouse Theater Center in Lincoln Park. The show will be at 8 pm for an intimate audience of 50 people. You can read more about the show here. Tickets just went on sale!

Here’s what people are saying about the show:

“Mark Toland is MIND BLOWING!”
- The Chicago Tribune

“He must be THE DEVIL!”

"A truly magical experience."
- Theatre Is Easy

“An irresistible, wild ride!”
- Picture This Post

“Mark Toland has created a performance that delights and astounds
even the most die-hard skeptic, and is well worth seeing.”

- The Hawk Chicago

“Mark Toland just might freak you out!”
- Orlando Sentinel

“A celebration of mystery!”
- M-Dash

The goal of the show - and really my year in general - is to make positive connections with as many people as possible. The show isn’t about me - it’s about you. The audience is the cast, your thoughts are my props, and your mind is my stage.

I’ve been working on putting up a long-running show for a very long time but there was always something standing in my way. A busy travel schedule, lack of time to fully prepare, a new tour on the horizon - you name it.

It finally occurred to me that there will never be the perfect time to follow your dreams, there will never be the right time to make your move - but there is a best time. The best time to do what you want is right now.

And so, on the eve of my newest tour (full details coming soon), shooting a new web series, writing a book, and still leaving the city each week for corporate gigs, I’ve decided that the time has come to take the stage each week in Chicago and blow some minds.

I look forward to seeing you at the show! For now, check out the new show trailer, just released today:

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The Rise Of Magic In Chicago

Magic has seen a resurgence lately in popular culture, television, movies, and more. Nowhere is the rise of magic more prevalent than in the city I call home, where some of the world’s finest magicians are amazing audiences on a nightly basis.

These performers are my friends, encouraging me to improve and learn from each and every show. These performers are my competition, pushing me to keep getting better and working harder on my act. Most importantly, these performers are setting the tone for the next generation of magical performers so that one day, like I did years ago, a young boy or girl may sit in the audience at one of their shows and whisper to themselves “I want to do that!”

These performers are the future of magic.

This newfound popularity of magic has forged the path for some of Chicago’s most amazing venues and shows. In an attempt to highlight some of my friends and spread the word about their shows, please see below for a list of places you can see live magic in Chicago. I will do my best to keep this list updated so be sure to check back from time to time for all current shows!

Chicago Magic Lounge - The CML will quite literally blow your mind. Secret passages, great food, and unbelievable entertainment await you seven days a week. (Here's a cool behind-the-scenes video I made at the Grand Opening last month.)

The Magic Parlour - On Fridays and Saturdays Dennis Watkins presents an intimate, astonishing show that will delight and astound everyone. Plus, it's in the beautiful Palmer House Hilton Hotel in downtown Chicago, making it a truly unforgettable experience.

The Magic Penthouse - Enjoy a night of cocktails, live music, and four strolling magicians in a fancy location in downtown Chicago. The show happens once a month and you can catch me there tomorrow, March 2nd!

Lindberg & Hanthorn - My friends Eric Lindberg and Stephen Hanthorn are combining their talents for a twice-monthly show at the Uptown Underground. Part-magic, part-mentalism, and 100% fun.

Near Death Experience - Neil Tobin is presenting his award-winning show at Rosehill Cemetery starting later this month. "Grown up, dead serious fun!"

The 13th Hour - Just outside of the city, mentalist Joe Diamond presents a spooky weekly show that is limited to just 13 attendees. Oh yeah, it's in a "haunted mansion", too.

Vaudeville at Bordel - Every Thursday, three-time "Best Magician in Chicago" winner AJ Sacco dazzles the crowd at Bordel with his magical stylings.

Logan Arcade - Magician Justin Purcell will blow your mind at the Logan Arcade on Tuesdays between 9pm and midnight.

Magic & History - Magician and author William Pack's shows uniquely combine magic, storytelling, and history. His shows happen at many theaters, libraries, and clubs throughout the Chicagoland area year round.

Pleasant Home - Jeanette Andrews will be presenting elegant "sensory magic" at Pleasant Home in Oak Park starting March 15th.

And finally, there's The Mystery Show - my secret, invite-only mind reading show in Chicago. Just join the list below and you'll be the first to know when and where it happens next.

Note to performers: If I missed your show or you have something new coming up, please let me know and I'll get it added to this post.