In these moments of storytelling and introspection, beautifully crafted monologues that would find a home in a Tennessee Williams script, Toland exposes a sincerity and vulnerability that only heightens the sense of wonder his illusions spark.
— Theatre Is Easy
One of the best mentalism acts in the world. Toland brilliantly combines comedy, magic, and even a splash of philosophy into this must-see performance.”
— Theme Park University
Mark Toland’s skills as a mentalist bring together fascination, awe and immersion in mystery — with humor and rapid-fire quips and stories. It’s an irresistible wild ride, especially for skeptics.
— Picture This Post
Mark Toland has created a performance that delights and astounds even the most die-hard skeptic, and is well worth seeing.
— The Hawk Chicago
It may be the oddest — and most mysterious — end to a Fringe show I’ve ever seen. Mark Toland’s show just might freak you out.
— Orlando Sentinel
Mark Toland clearly created his show with the skeptic in mind–not because it will convince you of the supernatural, but because it’s presented in the spirit of fun and entertainment. It’s full of laugh out loud moments and countless surprises. Mark is brilliant, funny and energetic with just the right hint of awkward energy that lets you know he’s a performance nerd at heart.
— PortFringe First Looks
Toland has a presence and a personality that is engaging and affable. This is a celebration of mystery that deserves to be experienced first hand.
— M-Dash


Radio & Podcast Interviews

Mark Toland, mind reader, performs at Green House Theatre

Chicagoan Mark Toland is a mind reader, but also stresses it is all entertainment.

Meet the Magician Who Can and Will Read Your Mind

With your permission, Mark Toland would like to tinker around in your head. The affable, bespectacled performer has been entertaining and confounding Chicago audiences on TV and onstage with his light-hearted take on the mind-reader magic show for years.

Mind Reading Live On Air with Mark Toland!

The one and only Mark Toland astonishes Patti and the crew with his world famous mind reading demonstrations. You can catch him live [May 2 - June 13th] at The Greenhouse Theater Center. Let him know you heard him on Pretty Late!

Mark Toland isn't really reading our minds-is he?

As we entered the upstairs theater at the Greenhouse Theater Center, a young man with a trim beard and large glasses that accentuated his deep-set eyes, greeted us. When my companion asked him if he was Mark, he said yes. "You know my name already, right?" she joked.

Meet Mind Reader Mark Toland

Today we'd like to introduce you to Mark Toland. So, before we jump into specific questions about the business, why don't you give us some details about you and your story. I grew up in a small town in Kansas where I was fascinated by all things magic and mind reading.

Theatre Is Easy | Reviews | Mark Toland, Mind Reader

BOTTOM LINE: Mark Toland reads the minds of the audience, showing off incredible talent and bringing a signature honest dishonesty that exposes a raw sense of wonder.

Chicago Fringe Festival Presents MARK TOLAND, MIND READER

Chicago Fringe Festival Presents Mark Toland, Mind Reader,fascinating and awe-inspiring experience of the skills of a mentalist. Performing through Sept 10.

Four Must See Shows at 2017 Orlando Fringe Festival - Theme Park University

I've said it once and I'll say it again, you don't truly know Orlando if you only venture within the theme park bubble. If you're looking for something truly unique to do while in O-Town, it only costs $10 for a 2017 Orlando Fringe Festival button.

'Mark Toland, Mind Reader' at Orlando Fringe Festival

This show just might freak you out. I would have had nightmares about it except Mark Toland, as in "Mark Toland, Mind Reader" comes clean. He's not really a mind reader, he says. He's not claiming anything supernatural. He just likes to bring a little bit of mystery to people.

Mark Toland

Isn't it time we brought a little class back to magic? That's exactly what magician Mark Toland has set out to do, combining aweinspiring and mind-blowing visual magic and mentalism with a classic hip style that hails back to the days of Sinatra and old time Vegas.

Amazing and Funny! The Chicago Fringe Festival Presents Mark Toland: Mind Reader (August 31, 2017)

When you hear mind reader, you probably think of a psychic claiming to have supernatural powers. They may even claim to be telepathic. But this is not the case with Mark Toland. He comes right out and says he doesn't have any such powers. Instead, he wants his audience to be mystified by his tricks....

Greenhouse Theatre Center Presents MIND READER Review

Greenhouse Theatre Center presents MIND READER, Mark Toland's mentalism performance. Running through July 25th on Wednesday nights, Mark Toland's show is as impressive as it is entertaining.


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